You love me for the way I am
You accept me for whatever I am
You never reject me for my weakness
You always welcome me with open arms
Your unconditional love has filled me
made me precious and worth to love
I’ve never met someone like You
who is so beautiful in the way You are
God, I’m so grateful to have You
I’m so blessed to know You
With You only I want to spend my days
You’re the one I want, no other
Lots of  songs I will offer before Your throne
I will fill Your house with adoration
Psalms of praise will come up from my room
every second, every minute, forever
God, thank you for the unconditional love
I think I can never be able to repay You
not in this life, not even in eternity
But allow me to love You with all I am

Salam Luar Biasa

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